Jillian Janson Starring In “The Tired Client”

Fantasy Massage is pushing a new video starring Jillian Janson and Jill Kassidy. It was published today with the title “The Tired Client”.

Jill Kassidy went out last night and is sore as hell. Her masseuse, Jillian Janson, asks her if she has any sore spots but Jill remarks that she’s sore pretty much everywhere. Jillian asks her to take off her clothes and lie down so they can have a look. Jill lies down on her back as Jillian oils up her hands and starts massaging her. She barely notices Jillian’s hands all over her breasts as she’s too exhausted to care. Dozing off for a second, she mumbles something about her tits. Jillian takes this as an invitation as she can’t keep her hands of her perfect little tits. Jillian takes a chance and runs her hand closer to Jill’s pussy but doesn’t get a reaction. Either Jill has no idea what’s going on or doesn’t mind. Either way, Jillian is having too much fun to stop. When she starts playing with her pussy more, Jill starts moaning, exclaiming that what she’s doing feels amazing. Jillian takes full advantage as she continues to play with her pussy, finally asking her to roll over to unveil her tight little ass. Jillian can’t help but massages her ass first, admiring its perfection. It isn’t long before she starts playing with her pussy again making her cum in the process. Jillian takes off her clothes as they embrace in a passionate kiss. She starts eating Jillian’s pussy again making her climax one more time. The girls trib and then Jillian face-fucks Jill, exploding all over her mouth. It looks like Jill will be booking another appointment real soon!

Previews of photos related to “The Tired Client” with Jillian Janson:

Jillian Janson: The Tired Client - 1

Jillian Janson: The Tired Client - 2

Jillian Janson: The Tired Client - 3

Jillian Janson: The Tired Client - 4

Jillian Janson: The Tired Client - 5

If you’re a member of Fantasy Massage then have fun with the full update! If not there is a trailer here.

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